11 Cleaning Suggestions for a Wedding Day to Remember revised


Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task. But if you’re considering throwing a wedding at home, it can seem like an insurmountable feat. Hosting a wedding at home can save you thousands of dollars, but if you want it to be spectacular, your home should be spotless. Check out these 11 cleaning suggestions for a wedding day to remember!

Clean Your Front Door
The first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your home is the front door. Wipe down your door thoroughly inside and out and power wash the exterior if need be. If you have panes of glass in your door, be sure to get those squeaky clean as well.

Start at the Entryway
Make sure your entryway or foyer is welcoming. Remove all the clutter, including umbrellas that are popping out of your umbrella stand and jackets that are hanging on your coat rack. Stash those items upstairs and out of sight.

Wash All Windows
Every window should be spotless inside and out. If it’s a nice sunny day, the natural light pouring through the windows will make for some amazing photos.

Disinfect All Fixtures
Take the time to wipe down every lighting fixture and light switch. Don’t overlook things you think your guests might not see—discerning guests pay attention to the little details.

Freshen Up Your Furniture
Take a look at your couches, chairs, and tables. If you spot any stains, call a professional cleaning crew. Professionals have the tools needed to restore both upholstered pieces and wood furniture. Leave it up to them to make your furniture look brand new.

Dust Your Baseboards
Before you mop your floors, pay attention to baseboards, molding, and trim. Make sure they have been cleaned thoroughly before you move onto your floors. There’s no point in waxing your living room floor just to get it dirty again by wiping down the baseboards.

Shampoo Your Carpets
Like your furniture, it’s best to hire a professional cleaning crew to tend to your carpets. Professionals will be able to lift stains, get all the way into the corners, and address hard-to-reach (and sometimes dangerous) areas like stairs.

Mop Your Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpets, but a professional crew will make them look better than you’ll ever be able to on your own. Hire a floor cleaner to mop, steam, and give your floors a coat of wax to make them look better than ever.

Tackle Your Bathroom
Preparing your bathroom means more than just hanging a few guest towels. In addition to disinfecting it from top to bottom, make sure you have plenty of rolls of toilet paper, extra soaps, and a few boxes of tissues. If the wedding goes as planned, there are sure to be a few tears shed.

Clean Your Kitchen
No one wants to eat food prepared in a dirty kitchen. Like your bathroom(s), your kitchen should be disinfected thoroughly. Whether you’re hiring a caterer or planning to do the cooking yourself, a spotless kitchen is the basis for any good meal.

Don’t Forget to Landscape Outside
Even if you intend to host the event indoors, it’s important to make sure that your outside spaces look the best they can. Pull weeds, mow the grass, and sweep the driveway and gutters. Not in the mood to do it yourself? Hire a landscaping crew to do the work for you.

If you’re throwing a wedding in your home, make sure you clean before hanging any decorations, setting up dishes and glassware, or putting out any food. Use the money you’ll save on a venue to hire professional cleaners to help you get the job done. And even when the wedding is over, you’ll love knowing you have the tidiest house on the block!

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